VuGen file and library locations

The VuGen .dat files contain the location information of the script's files, as well as the library files for specific protocols.

There are two .dat files, residing in the M_LROOT\dat folder used by VuGen: mdrv.dat and vugen.dat.


The mdrv.dat file contains a separate section for each protocol defining the location of the library files and driver executables.

For information about how to add a custom protocol, see Protocol SDK.


The vugen.dat file contains general information about VuGen, used by VuGen and Controller.


The Templates section indicates where the templates are for the VuGen protocols. The default entry indicates that they are in the relative template folder. Each protocol has a subfolder under template, which contains the template files for that protocol.

The next section is the GlobalFiles section.


The GlobalFiles section contains a list of files that VuGen copies to the test folder whenever you create a new test. For example, if you have a test called "user1", then VuGen will copy main.c, user1.usr and user1.cfg to the test folder.

The ActionFiles section contains the name of the file containing the Actions to be performed by the Vuser and upon which to perform iterations.


In addition to the settings shown above, vugen.dat contains settings that indicate the operating system and other compilation related settings.