Programming with the XML API overview

VuGen's support for XML allows you to dynamically work with XML code and retrieve the values during test execution. Follow these steps in creating an effective XML script:

  • Record a script in the desired protocol, usually Web, Web Services, or Wireless.

  • Copy the XML structures into your script.

  • Add XML functions from the LR API in order to retrieve dynamic data and the XML element values.

The LR API uses XPath, the XML Path language to manipulate the text in an XML document.

You can instruct VuGen to display the output values of XML elements in the Execution log window using the runtime settings. VuGen displays the line numbers, the number of matches, and the value. To allow the displaying of values, you need to enable parameter substitution. In the runtime settings, open the General:Log node, select Extended log, and select Parameter Substitution. For more information, see Runtime settings.

All Vuser API XML functions return the number of matches found.

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