Use result parameters

Some of the lr_xml functions return a result parameter, such as ResultParam. This parameter contains the resulting XML data after the function is executed. The result parameters are available from the parameter list in the Select or Create Parameter dialog box.

For example, for lr_xml_insert, ResultParam contains the complete XML data resulting from the insertion of the new XML fragment

You can use the result parameters as input to other XML related functions such as Web Service calls. During replay, VuGen captures the value of the result parameter. In a later step, you can use that value as an input argument.

The functions that support result parameters are lr_xml_insert, lr_xml_transform, lr_xml_replace, lr_xml_delete, and lr_xml_set_values.

The following functions save values to a parameter other than the resultParam: lr_xml_get_values saves values to ValueParam and lr_xml_extract saves values to XMLFragmentParam. These values are also available for parameter substitution.