Database and COM correlation from a snapshot

The following steps describe how to correlate scripts from a snapshot.

In order to correlate values from a snapshot, you must first select the Enable correlation from snapshots option in the Scripting > Correlation section of the Options dialog box.

Note: When you correlate a value from a snapshot, VuGen may create a boundary-based correlation, even though the recording correlation option is set to use regular expressions.

This task applies to the following protocols:

  • Database Protocols
  • COM Protocols
  1. Open the Output Pane

  2. Select View > Output to display the output tabs at the bottom of the window. Check for errors in the Replay tab. Often, these errors can be corrected by correlation.

  3. Select the relevant step in the Step Navigator, and view the step in the Snapshot pane. Right click the value in the snapshot and select Create correlation. This opens the Design Studio window.

  4. You can select the value you would like to correlate by highlighting it in the grid and clicking the Correlate button.
  5. When a value is correlated, VuGen adds the correlation parameter, and saves the original value in a comment in the script.

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