Run Java Vuser scripts

Java Vuser scripts differ from C Vuser scripts in that they are first compiled and then executed; C Vuser scripts are interpreted.

VuGen locates the javac compiler from within the JDK installation and compiles the Java code inside the script. This stage is indicated by the Compiling... status message in the bottom of the VuGen window. If errors occur during compilation, they are listed in the execution log.

To go to the code in your script that caused the error, double-click on the error message containing the line number of the error. Fix the error and run the script again.

If the compilation succeeds, the status message Compiling... changes to Running... and VuGen begins to execute the script. When you run the script again, VuGen runs the script without recompiling it, provided that no changes were made to the script.

To debug your script further, you can use breakpoints and animated run type execution using the step option.

Note: If you are making calls to JNDI extensions within your script, you may encounter problems trying to run your Vusers as threads. This happens because JNDI requires each thread to have its own context class loader. In order to run as threads, instruct each Vuser to run with its own context class loader, by adding the following line to the beginning of the init section:


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