Business Process Report dialog box

This dialog box enables you to create a Business Process report.

To access
Tools > Business Process Report
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Title The title that is displayed on the report.
Author The name to be displayed on the report.
Comment Additional comments that you want to appear in the report.
The location where you want the report to be saved.

Default value: Script folder.

Expands the Business Process Report dialog box to display more options.
Table of contents
Includes a table of contents in the report. If you disable this option, a table of contents will not appear in the report.
Default value: Enabled.
Recording summary
A summary of the recording session, as it appears in the Replay Summary pane, is included in the report.
Default value: Enabled.
Transactions and Rendezvous lists
The report includes a list of all of the transactions and rendezvous points that were defined in the script.
Default value: Enabled.
Parameters list
A list of all the parameters that were defined in the script. This list corresponds to the parameters listed in the Parameter List dialog box Design > Parameters > Parameter List.
Default value: Enabled.

The report includes an actual snapshot of each recorded step, adjacent to the step name and description.

Default value: Enabled.

Step descriptions
The report includes a short description of each step.
Default value: Enabled.
Script name The .usr file name of the script.
Output format
Creates the report in the selected format. The following formats are available:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PDF
  • HTML
Document template

The path and file name of the template to use for the report. The default template is usually stored in the product's dat folder.

To change the report template, click the browse button and specify a new template with a .docx extension. If you want to create a new template, we recommend that you use an existing template as a basis for the new one. This ensures that the required bookmarks and styles are maintained within the new template.

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