Create Controller scenario dialog box

This dialog box enables you to create a basic Controller scenario from within VuGen, if you have LoadRunner Professional installed.

To access
Integrations> Create Controller Scenario
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Add script to current scenario
If a scenario is currently open in Controller and you want to add the script to this scenario, select this check box. If you clear the check box, LoadRunner Professional opens a new scenario with the specified number of Vusers.
Group Name
For a manual scenario, Vusers with common traits are organized into groups. Specify a new group name for the Vusers.
Load Generator
The name of the machine that will run the scenario.
Results Directory
Enter the desired location for the results.
Script Name
For a goal-oriented scenario, specify a script name.
Select Scenario Type
  • Goal Oriented Scenario. LoadRunner Professional automatically builds a scenario based on the goals you specify.

  • Manual Scenario. The scenario is created manually by specifying the number of Vusers to run.

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