Database > Advanced Recording Options dialog box

Enables you set the advanced recording options for database protocols.

To access
Record > Recording Options > Database > Database > Advanced
Important information
This node is available only for specific protocols. For a complete list of protocols and their associated nodes, see Protocol compatibility table.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Recording log options

You can set the detail level for the trace and ASCII log files.

Trace file detail level:

  • Off
  • Error Trace. Only logs error messages.
  • Brief Trace. Logs errors and lists the functions generated during recording.
  • Full Trace. Logs all messages, notifications, and warnings.

ASCII file detail level: Instructs VuGen to generate ASCII type logs of the recording session.

  • Off
  • Brief detail. Logs all of the functions.
  • Full detail. Logs all of the generated functions and messages in ASCII code.
Code generation buffer size
Specify in kilobytes the maximum size of the code generation buffer.
Default value: 128 kilobytes.