General > Recording - recording options

Enables you to specify what information to record and which functions to use when generating a Vuser script, by selecting a recording level.

To access
Record > Recording Options > General > Recording
Important information
This node is available only for specific protocols. For a complete list of protocols and their associated nodes, see Protocol compatibility table.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
HTML Advanced
URL Advanced
HTML-based script

This is the default recording level for Web HTTP/HTML Vusers. It instructs VuGen to record HTML actions in the context of the current web page. It does not record all resources during the recording session, but downloads them during replay.

This setting is recommended when preparing a Web HTTP/HTML Vuser script for which you want to perform web diagnostics. For details, see Web page diagnostics in the LoadRunner Professional help center.

URL-based script
Record all requests and resources from the server. It automatically records every HTTP resource as URL steps (web_url statements), or in the case of forms, as web_submit_data. It does not generate the web_link, web_image, and web_submit_form functions, nor does it record frames. We recommend this option for non-browser applications.