Recording properties > Log options recording options

Enables you to determine the level of debug information generated during recording.

To access

Record > Recording Options > Recording Properties > Log Options

Important information This node is available for the Java Record Replay protocol only.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Class Dumping

Dumps all of the loaded classes to the script folder.

Default value: Disabled.

Tip: Under the script's data folder, VuGen creates a subfolder named dump. This folder contains a copy of each class file that was loaded. You can use these class files to determine the signatures when defining custom hooks.

Digest Calculation

Generate a digest of all recorded objects.

Default value: Disabled.

Exclude from Digest. A list of objects not to be included in the digest calculation.

Syntax: java.lang.Object class format, delimiter = ","

Log Level

The level of recording log to generate:

  • None. No log file is created

  • Brief. Generates a standard recording log

  • Detailed. Generates a detailed log for methods, arguments, and return values.

  • Debug.

    • Records hooking and recording debug information
    • Redirects java console output to java_output.log
    • All of the above

Note: The log files are stored in the script folder's data directory.

Synchronize Threads

For multi-threaded applications, instructs VuGen to synchronize between the different threads.

Default value: Disabled.

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