Import SOAP dialog box

This dialog box enables you to create a test step based on a SOAP file.

To access
Use one of the following:
  • Click

  • SOA Tools > Import SOAP

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element
Loads the element values from the SOAP file.
Manage Services
Opens the Manage Services dialog box for importing and configuring services.
Opens the SOAP file in a browser for viewing.
<Call type>
The type of call to generate in the script/test:
  • Web Service Call. Requires the import of a service.

  • SOAP Request. Generates a soap_request step in the script.

SOAP Request Properties
The properties of the SOAP request (only visible for SOAP Request type calls). Specify the following:
  • URL. The URL or IP address of the server to which to submit the request.

  • SOAP Action. The SOAP action to include in the request (applicable if there are multiple actions).

  • Response Parameter. A parameter name to store the response of the SOAP or Web Service call request.