Security Scenario Editor dialog box

This dialog box enables you to define security scenarios for your script.

To access
SOA Tools > Security Scenario Editor
Important information
You can also define scenarios for a specific service. For details, see Create and manage security scenarios.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
New. Resets the editor for defining a new security scenario. If you made changes to the current scenario, it prompts you to save them.
Load. Opens an existing shared scenario from a URL or file.
Save. Saves the scenario file. If you have not saved the file at least once, it prompts you for a name.
Save as. Saves the scenario file at a new location.
Help. Opens the Online help for security scenarios.
Close. Closes the dialog box.
Scenario type
The security scenario type: No scenario or a sub-type of Core, Security, WCF, or Optimization scenarios.
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