Add Data Format Extension dialog box

This dialog box enables you to select the data format extension type.

UI example
To access VuGen > Recording Options > Data Format Extension > Chain Configuration >
Important information
Relevant tasks Apply DFE chains
Data Format Extension Description
Base64 Extension
Decodes strings that are encoded with a Base64 encoder.
GWT Extension Transforms GWT data to XML format.
URL Encoding Extension
Decodes strings that are encoded with URL encoding format.
JSON to XML Extension
Transforms JSON data to XML format.
XML Extension
Receives data and checks to see if it conforms with XML syntax. This check allows VuGen to perform correlations based on XPath and to display snapshot data in an XML viewer.
Prefix Postfix Extension
Enables you to cut data from the beginning and/or end of a string which you do not want decoded. You can add and customize as many prefix/postfix extensions as required. Each postfix/prefix extension created should have a unique display name and tag name.
Binary to XML Extension Transforms Microsoft WCF binary XML into XML format.
Remedy to XML Extension

Transforms Remedy request data into XML format.

This extension does not transform Remedy response data, which is JavaScript code.

XSS Extension Enables you to test sites that use Cross Site Scripting (XSS) defense code.