Image synchronization - shifted coordinates

Note: This topic applies to RDP Vuser scripts only.

When replaying an RDP protocol Vuser script, a recorded object may appear at different coordinates on the screen. The object is the same, but its placement has been shifted. For example, during recording a window opened at coordinates (100, 100), but during replay at (200, 250).

In this case, the synchronization point will automatically find the new coordinates without any intervention on your part. It will automatically note the difference of 100 pixels in the horizontal axis and 150 pixels in the vertical axis.

All subsequent mouse operations that are coordinate dependent will use the modified coordinates, so that a mouse click recorded at (130, 130) will be replayed to (230, 280) = (130 + 100, 130 + 150).

You control the shifting of the coordinates through the AddOffsetToInput parameter in the rdp_sync_on_image step. You can override this parameter to either add or not add the differences in location during replay to the recorded coordinates for any further operations. If you do not override this parameter, VuGen takes its value from the default setting in the runtime settings.

The corresponding parameter in the operations (for example rdp_mouse_click or rdp_mouse_drag) is Origin. This parameter decides whether the operation should take its coordinates only from the 'clean' values that were recorded, or whether it should take into account the differences that were added by the last synchronization point. If not explicitly specified, VuGen takes the value for this parameter from the runtime settings.