Working with clipboard data (RDP protocol)

Note: This topic applies to RDP Vuser scripts only.

VuGen allows you to copy and paste the text of a clipboard during an RDP session. You can copy the contents locally and paste them remotely, or vice versa—copy the contents from the remote machine and paste them locally. The copying of text is supported in TEXT, LOCALE, and UNICODE formats.

VuGen generates separate functions when copying or saving the clipboard data.

Normally, the Remote Desktop clipboard data is saved in UNICODE format. If the Remote Desktop requests data in the TEXT or LOCALE formats, the rdp_send_clipboard_data function automatically converts the content of MyParam from UNICODE into the requested format and sends it to the Remote Desktop. The Replay log indicates this conversion with an informational message. If the conversion is not possible, the step fails.

For more information about the rdp functions, see the Function Reference (select the relevant version).

Correlating clipboard parameters

During a recording session, if the client sends the server the same data that it received, VuGen replaces the sent data with a parameter during code generation. VuGen performs this correlation only when the received and sent data formats are the same.