Record applications using Smooth Streaming

Smooth Streaming is an Internet Information Services (IIS) Media Services extension that provides high-quality video streaming to clients over HTTP. Smooth Streaming adapts the stream rate and quality by monitoring the local bandwidth and video playback performance of the client while traditional streaming delivers the content at a fixed rate and quality.

To prepare a script for load testing for applications that use Smooth Streaming:

  1. Create a Web (HTTP/HTML ) Vuser script. For details see, Create and open Vuser scripts.
  2. Look for the “Manifest” request at the start of the streaming communication:

  3. Following the “Manifest” request, you should find a number of streaming requests:

    Create and configure parameters to emulate different bandwidths than the ones that were recorded. For example:

    1. In the streaming request, replace QualityLevel with a parameter named 'qualityLevel'.

    2. Configure the qualityLevel values that are used during each iteration of the load test in the Parameter Properties dialog box.

  4. Replay the script and verify that the size of the response from each request corresponds to the value of the parameter that was sent.

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