Java Record Replay protocol recording tips

This section gives tips and important information to consider when recording a Java Record Replay Vuser Script.

  • Make sure that you have properly installed a JDK on the machine running the Vusers. For details, see Set up the environment for Java protocols.
  • The Java Record Replay protocol can record 32- and 64-bit applications.

  • You can also specify a batch (.bat) file as the application to record.

  • Make sure to fill in the correct information in the Start Recording dialog box.

    Note: The executable's jar file must be unzipped.

  • When you load an applet or application from VuGen during recording, it may take several seconds longer than if you were to load it independent of VuGen.
  • If you intend to run the Java Vuser script as a thread, ensure your code is thread-safe.

    Although .NET-based and Java protocols support creating threads, we recommend that you do not use background threads in real load testing scenarios because:

    • Threads can degrade tests scalability.

    • Threads can affect performance measurements.

    • The utility functions' behavior is undetermined if called from any thread except the Vuser main thread which runs the vuser_init, Action, and vuser_end actions. This applies to all functions named lr*.

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