Known issues for LDAP protocol

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations for the LDAP protocol.

Tip: For general VuGen troubleshooting and limitations, see Known issues for VuGen.

  • If an LDAP version 3 script fails during replay, modify the mldpa_logon_ex statement to specify the version number by adding "Version=3" after "URL=.."
  • Address lists are only partially supported—the script only uses the first address in the list.
  • When recording LDAP scripts, the binary parameter values for certain LDAP functions (such as mldap_add or mldap_modify) are not recorded. Recording of binary parameters is part of the protocol's extended functionality and is not supported by VuGen.
  • LDAP Protocol can be recorded in parallel with the Windows Socket protocol in multi-protocol recording mode. This allows you to record additional network activity generated by the LDAP application. The multi-protocol recording may result in duplicate calls to the LDAP application.
    Workaround: Edit the script and manually remove the duplicate calls. Leave the Windows Socket calls that emulate the additional networking I/O.

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