View replay results

Developing a Vuser script includes the steps shown below. This topic provides an overview of the seventh step, viewing the results of the replay of a Vuser script.

To assist with debugging a Vuser script, you can view a Replay Summary report or a Business Process report after replaying the script. The Replay Summary report is useful typically during the scripting process, whereas the Business Process report provides higher level information or a business process view of the script.

  • Replay Summary report. Summarizes the results of your script run. VuGen generates the report during the Vuser script execution and you view the report when script execution is complete. For details see Replay Summary pane.
  • Business Process report. A customizable report that can include the replay summary, details of the transactions, rendezvous points, and parameters in the script, and additional information about the script replay. For details, see Create a business process report.

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