What's New in 2021

This topic introduces the new features and improvements for LoadRunner Professional and VuGen, version 2021.

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Learn about some of the new features included in LoadRunner Professional version 2021:

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VuGen and protocol enhancements

Virtual User Generator and its supported protocols include the following updates:

Note: For updates in LoadRunner Developer and the DevWeb JavaScript SDK, see the LoadRunner Developer What's New .

DevWeb API testing

DevWeb scripts for API testing include the following enhancements:

  • Generation of correlation appliers and extractors for API function calls in the script.

  • Ability to regenerate the API functions without overwriting the main.js file.

For details, see API testing with DevWeb scripts.

DevWeb correlation candidates

You can now view and manage the correlation candidates for DevWeb scripts. During code generation, a dialog is displayed providing information on the correlation candidates detected by the correlation rules or record scans.

For details, see Correlation for DevWeb scripts.

Note: This feature is currently available as tech preview.

DevWeb code generation

This version includes the following code generation enhancements for DevWeb scripts:

  • Parameterization of server names during code generation. For details, see Code Generation node.
  • AWS authentication during code generation.
DevWeb parameters

You can now define the first line of data to be used in parameter files during DevWeb script execution.

For details, see Parameters for DevWeb.


TruClient includes the following enhancements:

  • Chromium browser support is upgraded to version 86.
  • TruClient includes the ability to set transaction status, using the following synchronous APIs:

    There are also corresponding asynchronous APIs:
    TCA.setTransactionStatusByName(status, name)

  • The TruClient Chromium browser is recommended for testing applications that run using the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.

For details, see the TruClient Help Center.

Java over HTTP

You can now replay JOH scripts using 64-bit version Java.

For details, see Java over HTTP protocol.


Web HTTP/HTML recording is supported on the new Microsoft Edge browser (based on Chromium).

This includes support for both hook-based and proxy-based recording.

For details, see the Record section.


The new sapgui_select_file function lets you specify a file for populating the next Open File dialog box. This is especially useful for indicating which file to upload or download.

For details, see the Function Reference.


Optical character recognition (OCR) text synchronization can now be inserted during recording. This replaces the text synchronization API ctrx_sync_on_text.

OCR text synchronization works on all supported Windows versions.

For details, see Citrix protocol.

Traffic analyzer support

Added support for additional Wireshark versions: Up to 3.2.7

For details, see Create a PCAP file.


The node.js for Virtual Table Server (VTS) has been upgraded to version 12.18.4.

For details, see the VTS overview.

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Controller and Analysis enhancements

LoadRunner Controller and Analysis include the following updates:

Gatling tests

The enhancements for Gatling tests enable you to:

  • Run tests with the embedded Gatling installation—no additional installation required.
  • Control the number of Vusers and their scheduling during a scenario run.
  • Add Gatling archives in jar packages to Controller scenarios, in addition to scripts with .scala extensions.
  • View results for both single HTTP requests and groups of requests, in transaction graphs.
  • View results for Gatling scripts in the Web Resources Throughput graph.
  • Define additional runtime settings for Gatling.
JMeter tests

The enhancements for JMeter tests enable you to:

  • Run tests with the embedded JMeter installation—no additional installation required.
  • Control the number of Vusers and their scheduling during a scenario run.
  • View results for JMeter scripts in the Web Resources Hits per Second and Throughput graphs.
  • Define additional runtime settings for JMeter.

In addition, if you add a JMeter script containing multiple thread groups into a scenario, the thread groups are now imported as multiple Vuser groups.

Selenium tests

Selenium scripts are now supported in LoadRunner Controller scenarios.

Note: This feature is currently available as tech preview.

Dynatrace Managed

Controller now integrates with Dynatrace Managed monitors, in addition to the existing Dynatrace SaaS monitor.

New Scenario dialog box

The redesigned New Scenario dialog box in Controller provides quicker and easier scenario creation.

SLA information in Summary report

The Summary report now includes additional SLA information in the transactions table, including the violation percentage and the threshold values.

LRE integration

You can now connect to LoadRunner Enterprise directly from within Analysis.

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Technologies, platforms, and security

This release includes security updates, and support for the following platform:

SUSE Linux Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) version 15

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