lrc Return Values

VuGen lrc functions return the following values:

HRESULT is returned by functions that create an object or get an interface or cause execution of certain other standard COM calls. It is the HRESULT value returned by the corresponding COM functions as documented by Microsoft. It is not used in VuGen scripts. Instead, VuGen checks the result and enters a CHECK_HRES or DONT_CHECK_HRES flag according to whether or not the call succeeded when the script was recorded.

Conversion functions return the value of the converted variable, as do GetElementFrom<n>D<Type-Name>Array , lrc_Get<Type-Name>ArrayFromVariant, etc.

The lrc_Dispatch functions will return a variant containing the value returned by the method called, if appropriate.

The lrc_save functions return 0 for success, -1 for error.