This entity represents the confirmation that a specific LrSqsMessage was not sent, deleted, or updated successfully on the SQS queue (when using sendMessageBatch, deleteMessageBatch, or changeMessageVisibilityBatch APIs). This class contains information about the message (the ID of the message within the batch) and the error received (error code, error message, and information about the reason that the action was not completed).

The following methods are available:

LrSqsBatchErrorStatusEntry.codeReturns the error code received from SQS queue.
LrSqsBatchErrorStatusEntry.idReturns the ID within the batch of the LrSqsMessage that was not successfully sent, deleted, or updated.
LrSqsBatchErrorStatusEntry.messageReturns the error message received from SQS queue.
LrSqsBatchErrorStatusEntry.senderFaultSpecifies whether the sender is at fault for an error that occurred when a batch API action was called.