This class represents a message that can be sent or received from the SQS queue. Most of the methods are getters for the attributes of the class.

The LrSqsMessage class includes the following methods.

LrSqsMessage.attributesReturns all user-defined attributes of the message.
LrSqsMessage.bodyRetrieves the message body.
LrSqsMessage.hasAttributesReturns a Boolean value that shows whether the message has user-defined attributes.
LrSqsMessage.hasSystemAttributesReturns a Boolean value that shows whether the message has system attributes.
LrSqsMessage.md5ofAttributesReturns an MD5 encoding of the message attribute string.
LrSqsMessage.md5OfBodyReturns an MD5 encoding of the message.
LrSqsMessage.messageIdRetrieves the message ID.
LrSqsMessage.receiptHandleRetrieves the receipt handle.
LrSqsMessage.systemAttributesReturns all system attributes of the message.
LrSqsMessage.systemAttributesAsStringsReturns the system attributes of the message as Strings.
LrSqsMessage.toStringReturns the LrSqsMessage as a String.