Represents a user-defined attribute that can accompany an LrSqsMessage. Usually attributes are sent as key-value pairs. This entity represents the value of such a pair.

This object can store strings, integers, doubles, or binary values. The object can be created by the LrSqsMessage class using designated APIs:

  • createMessageAttributeValueString
  • createMessageAttributeValueInt
  • createMessageAttributeValueDouble
  • createMessageAttributeValueBinary

The LrSqsMessageAttributeValue class includes the following methods:

LrSqsMessageAttributeValue.binaryValueReturns the value of the attribute as a binary.
LrSqsMessageAttributeValue.binaryValueCopyReturns a copy of the attribute's value as a binary.
LrSqsMessageAttributeValue.dataTypeReturns the data type of the attribute as a string.
LrSqsMessageAttributeValue.doubleValueReturns the value of the attribute as a double.
LrSqsMessageAttributeValue.intValueReturns the value of the attribute as an integer.
LrSqsMessageAttributeValue.stringValueReturns the value of the attribute as a string.