Example: lrd_commitAccess Management Functions

Commits the current transaction.

LRDRET lrd_commit( LRD_CONTEXT *mptContext, LRD_CONNECTION *mptConnection, int miDBErrorSeverity);

mptContext A pointer to an LRD_CONTEXT structure. (ODBC and CtLib only), or zero (0).
mptConnection A pointer to an LRD_CONNECTION structure, or zero (0).
miDBErrorSeverity The Error Severity Levels of a failure in a database routine.

The lrd_commit function commits the current database transaction. Once you commit a transaction, you cannot perform a rollback.

To perform a COMMIT with a special option such as TO SAVEPOINT or FORCE, you must issue an SQL statement and execute it using lrd_stmt and lrd_exec.

One or the other of mptContext or mptConnection must be a null pointer. The other must be a pointer to a valid structure.

mptContext must be zero if neither ODBC nor CtLib is used.

For more details refer to the Function Header File lrd.h in the include directory.

Return Values

See LRD Return Values.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.