Example: lrd_data_infoStatement Handling Functions

Gets I/O descriptor information. (CtLib only)

LRDRET lrd_data_info( LRD_CURSOR *mptCursor, unsigned int muiColNum, unsigned long muliIODescNum, char *mpszReqSpec, int miDBErrorSeverity);

mptCursor A pointer to an LRD_CURSOR structure.
muiColNum The column number of the requested data (one-based).
muliIODescNum The I/O descriptor number (one-based, greater than 0).
mpszReqSpec A pointer to the string containing the request specification.
miDBErrorSeverity The Error Severity Levels of a failure in a database routine.

The lrd_data_info function gets I/O descriptor information based on a request specification. The request specification string is a null-terminated string containing semicolon-separated pairs of <keyword>=<value> specification.

Currently, keywords are not supported and the string must be empty (""). Only a "Get" operation is therefore supported.

For more details refer to the Function Header File lrd.h in the include directory.

Return Values

See LRD Return Values.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.