Example: lrd_initLRD Environment Functions

Initializes the LRD environment.

LRDRET lrd_init( LRD_INIT_INFO *mptInitInfo, LRD_DEFAULT_DB_VERSION *mpatDefaultDBVersion);

mptInitInfo A pointer to an LRD_INIT_INFOstructure.
mpatDefaultDBVersion The DBTypeVersion parameter which points to an array of the default Database Versions.

The lrd_init function sets up the LRD_INIT_INFO structure that contains initialization information for the LRD environment. This function is called once within a script, and precedes all other LRD function calls.

You can get the initialization information for your site by recording a script using the query tool for your database manager. If you use Oracle, for example, record with SQL*Plus. It is recommended not to attempt to enter this information manually in a script .

For more details refer to the Function Header File lrd.h in the include directory.

Return Values

See LRD Return Values.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.