Example: lrd_ora8_lob_locator_assignOracle 8.0 Functions

Assigns one large object locator to another.

LRDRET lrd_ora8_lob_locator_assign( void * mpvLRDDBIHandleSvcCtx, void * mpvLRDDBIHandleSrcLob, void * mpvLRDDBIHandleDstLob, int miDBErrorSeverity );

mpvLRDDBIHandleSvcCtxA pointer to an LRDDBI Service Context Handle with a valid Server Handle attribute.
mpvLRDDBIHandleSrcLobA pointer to the source LRDDBI Lob Descriptor Handle.
mpvLRDDBIHandleDstLobA pointer to the destination LRDDBI Lob Descriptor Handle.
miDBErrorSeverity The Error Severity Levels of a failure in a database routine.

The lrd_ora8_lob_locator_assign function assigns one temporary large object descriptor (LOB) to another.

Return Values

See LRD Return Values.


Parameterization is not applicable to this function.