Example: lrd_ora8_lob_readOracle 8.0 Functions

Reads characters from a large object descriptor.

LRDRET lrd_ora8_lob_read( void * const mpvLRDDBIHandleSvcCtx, void * const mpvLRDDBIHandleLob, unsigned long const mjAmtToRead, unsigned long * const mpjAmtRead, unsigned long const mjOffset, unsigned long const mjBufl, unsigned short const mjCsid, unsigned char const mjCsfrm, int const miDBErrorSeverity );

mpvLRDDBIHandleSvcCtxA pointer to an LRDDBI Service Context Handle with a valid Server Handle attribute.
mpvLRDDBIHandleLobA pointer to an LRDDBI Lob Descriptor Handle.
mjAmtToReadThe number of bytes to read
mpjAmtReadPointer to number of bytes to read on output.
mjOffsetOffset for start of read.
mjBuflThe buffer length.
mjCsidThe character set ID.
mjCsfrmThe character set form.
miDBErrorSeverityThe Error Severity Levels of a failure in a database routine.

The lrd_ora8_lob_read function reads characters from a large object (LOB) descriptor after the descriptor has been fetched from the database. Note that the characters read by lrd_ora8_lob_read cannot be accessed.

This function may increase the load on the server substantially.

Return Values

See LRD Return Values.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.