Example: lrd_ora8_printOracle 8.0 Functions

Prints rows fetched by an Oracle autofetch operation.

LRDRET lrd_ora8_print(void *mpvLRDDBIHandleStmt, LRD_PRINT_ROW_TYPEDEF mpfjOra8PrintRow ); 

mpvLRDDBIHandleStmt A non-NULL pointer to an LRDDBI Stmt Handle.
mpfjOra8PrintRow A pointer to a function that prints each fetched row.

lrd_ora8_print uses the function pointed to by mpfjOra8PrintRow to print the rows returned by an autofetch. The mpfjOra8PrintRow callback function is generated automatically by VuGen during test recording.

In an autofetch, the data is fetched by the lrd_ora8_exec command, so the combined fetch and print of lrd_ora8_fetch is not applicable.

Return Values

See LRD Return Values.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.