Example: lrd_oci8_to_oci7Oracle 8.0 Functions

Converts an Oracle OCI 8 connection to an Oracle OCI 7 connection.

LRDRET lrd_oci8_to_oci7( void* mpvLRDDBIHandleSvcCtx, LRD_CONNECTION** mpptConnection, int miDBErrorSeverity );

The function lrd_oci8_to_oci7 converts an existing Oracle OCI 8 connection, mpptConnection. to an Oracle OCI 7 connection. The script will continue by performing both OCI 7 and OCI 8 operations through the OCI 7 connection. This function modifies the existing connection, mpptConnection, and does not create any new connection to the database.

lrd_oci8_to_oci7 will typically be used as a substitute to lrd_open_connection which may open an extra OCI 7 connection itself when preceded by lrd_session_begin (see example). This situation can occur when recording SQL*Plus, Forms or Pro*C applications. Instead of keeping both the OCI 7 and OCI 8 connections open, you enable the existing OCI 8 connection to accept OCI 7 calls by calling lrd_oci8_to_oci7.

Return Values

See LRD Return Values.


The following arguments can be parameterized using standard parameterization: mpszUser, mpszPassword, mpszServer, mpszExtConnectStr