DevWeb Error Codes

The following is a list of error codes returned by DevWeb functions and the DevWeb engine.

For more information, see the DevWeb JavaScript SDK in the LoadRunner Developer Help Center.

Code Error Message/Description
103841Error when using the text check extractor failOn property
103842Socket error
103843Error in JSON parsing
103844Timer API errors
103845JavaScript runtime error
103846Error from the user script
103847SDK usage error related to order of calls
103848Incorrect SDK usage
103925Utils samlEncode API error
103926Utils hmac API error
103927Utils hash API error
103928randomString API error
103929Utils API decoding error
103930Utils API encoding error
103931Error from executable
103932Errors related to transaction usage
103933SSL certificate errors
103934Error related to the environment, such as clearing the cache folder
103935Error related to cookies
103936TCP errors
103937Error related to VTS
103938Error loading the script parameter, and errors related to parameters
103939Incorrect values used in the script
103940Errors related to encryption
103941Internal errors
103942Errors related to gRPC
103943Global errors that are not related to a specific Vuser
103944File operation errors such as read or write
103945Error when handling extractors (may be related to extractor parameters)
103946Error adding WebRequest to snapshot
103947Errors related to HTTP
103948Errors related to read values from configuration file
103949Errors related to WebRequest creation and WebRequest send failure
103950Errors related to WebSocket operations, such as send data or connection error
103993User aborted the execution
103994Unable to bind to free port in range 1024 to 65535
103995DevWeb engine failed to start
103996DevWeb engine is not ready
103997Using a specified DEVWEB_PATH environment variable
103998DevWeb executable is not in the specified location
103999DEVWEB_PATH environment variable is not configured