Alphabetical List of Functions

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Serializes an object and sends it synchronously on HTTP with the given options.
JavaHTTP.readObjectCreates an object from a byte array.
Reflects an object and returns the value of a field.
Reflects an object and sets the value of a field.
web.base64decodeDecodes a message encoded using base64 encoding.
web.base64encodeEncodes a message using base64 encoding.
web.url_decodeDecodes an encoded URL.
web.url_encodeEncodes a URL.
XmlBasedBinMemoObjectParsing.xml2binReads an XML from a file and converts it to a byte array.
XmlBasedBinMemoObjectParsing.xml2binFileReads an XML from a file, converts it to a byte array, and loads the byte array into a new file.