Requests the Remote Desktop clipboard data and saves it into a parameter.

Example: rdp_receive_clipboard_dataClipboard Functions

int rdp_receive_clipboard_data( "StepDescription=<step_description>", "Snapshot=<snapshot>", ["ConnectionID=<connection_identifier>",] ["Timeout=<seconds>",] "ClipboardDataFormat= <RDP_CF_TEXT|RDP_CF_UNICODETEXT|RDP_CF_LOCALE>, "ParamToSaveData=<parameter name>", RDP_LAST );

This function returns LR_PASS (0) on success or LR_FAIL (1) on failure. Note that LR_PASS and LR_FAIL generally indicate whether the function call completed without an exception, and not that the test step succeeded.

All string arguments (char type) can be parameterized using standard parameterization.

Argument Description
StepDescription A descriptive, unique name for this step. Use any text.
Snapshot The name of the snapshot file of the screen state before this step.
ConnectionID The name of the connection on which this function operates. Do not change the recorded ID. If several connections are open and the ID is not specified, the first connection in the script is used. If only one connection is open, the connection ID is not required.
Timeout The wait time in seconds. If the timeout is exceeded, the function returns LR_FAIL. If no timeout is passed, the default value is taken from the runtime settings.
ClipboardDataFormat The requested format of the clipboard data. Pass one of: CF_TEXT, CF_UNICODETEXT, or CF_LOCALE.
ParamToSaveData The name of the parameter in which to save the clipboard data received from the server.
RDP_LAST The delimiter marking the end of the argument list.

The rdp_receive_clipboard_data function requests the contents of the server's clipboard and stores the results in the specified parameter.