Error Codes


VTS Error Codes
VTCERR_INVALID_CONNECTION_INFO-10000The corresponding handle does not exist or the connection information is corrupted. Disconnect and reconnect.
VTCERR_FAILED_TO_RESOLVE_ADDR-10001Failed to find server.
VTCERR_FAILED_TO_CREATE_SOCKET-10002Failed to create socket.
VTCERR_FAILED_TO_CONNECT-10003Failed to connect. Check the server name, port number, network connectivity, and whether server is on line.
VTCERR_INVALID_API_CALL-10004Failed to get the API entry.
VTCERR_INCOMPLETE_REQUEST-10100Communications packet from client is invalid.
VTCERR_FAILED_TO_RECV_RESPONSE-10101No response received from server.
VTCERR_INCOMPLETE_RESPONSE-10102Communications packet from server is invalid.
VTCERR_RESPONSE_ARGS_UNMATCH-10103Unexpected count of arguments in server response.
VTCERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT-10104Invalid argument.
VTCERR_HANDLE_NOT_EXIST-10105Connection handle does not exist.
VTCERR_INNER_JSON_CONVERT-10106Cannot parse server response.
VTCERR_INNER_UTF8_CONVERT-10107Cannot convert between UTF8 and Locale.
VTCERR_COL_FORMAT_ERROR-10108Invalid or empty column name.
VTCERR_COL_VALUE_NO_MATCH-10109Column names list and messages list do not have the same number of values. Check delimiters.
VTCERR_EVAL_STRING-10110Error evaluating parameter value.
VTCERR_DATA_NOT_EXIST-10111There is no data at the specified column and row.