Returns the number of fields that contain data in a column.

C Language

VTCERR2 lrvtc_column_size ( char *columnName );

C# Language

int vts.column_size ( string columnName );

Java Language

int Lrvtc.column_size ( string columnName );
Global Functions


columnNameThe name of the column.

lrvtc_column_size returns the number of fields that contain data in the specified column. An empty string ("") is considered data.

Return Values

The number of fields containing data in the column.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.

C Language Example

    int colsize;
    colsize = lrvtc_column_size("C_ID");
    lr_log_message("column size of C_ID=%d\n", colsize);

C# Language Example

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Java Language Example

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