Increments a counter stored in a field.

C Language

VTCERR2 lrvtc_increment ( char *columnName, int rowIndex, int incrValue );

C# Language

int vts.increment ( string columnName, int rowIndex, int incrValue );

Java Language

int Lrvtc.increment ( string columnName, int rowIndex, int incrValue );
Data Update Functions


columnNameThe column name.
rowIndexThe row number. The first row has index 1.
incrValueThe amount to change the field value by. If incValue is negative, it is subtracted from the field value.

lrvtc_increment changes the value in the field by the amount passed in argument incrValue.

If the cell value cannot be converted to an integer or if there is no data in the cell, the cell value after the vtc_increment call is the incrValue argument value.

Return Values

The new value of the field.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.

C Language Example

    int newcredit = 0;
    newcredit = lrvtc_increment("C_credit", 1, 10);
    lr_log_message("New credit=%d\n", newcredit);

C# Language Example

.Net Single Connection Example

Java Language Example

Java Single Connection Example