Correlating Database Statements

VuGen automatically guides you through the steps of correlating database statements. When you use the automatic correlation process, VuGen automatically:

  • Scans for potential correlations

  • Inserts the appropriate lrd_save_value or lrd_save_col statement to save the results to a parameter

  • Replaces the statement value with the parameter

To correlate a statement using the automatic correlation process:

  1.             View the execution output to check for errors.

  2. Select View > Output to display the output folders at the bottom of the window. Check for errors in the Execution Log folder.

  3.         Place the cursor on the script statement for correlation.

  4. Note: You can double-click on an output message to jump to the corresponding statement in the script.

  5.             Select Vuser > Scan for Correlations (at cursor) (shortcut: Alt+F8).

  6. VuGen scans the script and lists all possible values to correlate in the selected statement, along with the matching results from previous statements.

    The correlation values are listed in the Correlated Query folder. The possible values for correlation are graded, based on heuristics, so you can select the best candidate for correlation.

  7.             Begin Automatic Correlation.

  8. In the Correlated Query folder, double-click on the result value that you want to correlate to the statement value. Select Vuser > Create Correlation (shortcut: F8).

    VuGen prompts you to enter a name for the parameter to save the result value.

  9.             Specify a name for the parameter, or accept the default name and click OK to continue.

  10. VuGen inserts a statement (either lrd_save_value or lrd_save_col) to save the result value to a parameter.

  11.         Click Yes to confirm the correlation.

  12. A message appears asking if you want to replace all occurrences of the value in the script.

  13.             Click No to replace only the value in the selected statement.

  14.             To search for additional occurrences click Yes.

  15. A Search and Replace dialog box appears. Confirm any replacements, including your original statement.

    VuGen replaces the statement value with a reference to the parameter. Note that if you choose to cancel the correlation, VuGen also erases the statement created in the previous step.