AJAX Click and Script Functions

Note: This protocol is supported for replay only. Support for this protocol will be discontinued in future versions..

We recommend that you migrate your Ajax Click & Script scripts to another web protocol such as TruClient-Web or Web-HTTP/HTML.

For details, see Web Vuser Functions (WEB) and TruClient protocols in the VuGen Help Center (select the relevant version).

AJAX (Click and Script) Vuser scripts emulate user actions, such as expanding or collapsing a panel within a web page or reordering a list on a web page.

Click one of the following functions for more information:

Function Name
Emulates a user extending or collapsing a menu.
Selects an item from a list based on text entered in a field.
Emulates a user collapsing or expanding sections on a web page.
Emulates a user setting a value of a rating control.
Emulates a user reordering elements in a list.
Emulates setting a value using a slider control.
Emulates use of folder-style tabs in Atlas applications.