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Note: This protocol is supported for replay only. Support for this protocol will be discontinued in future versions..

We recommend that you migrate your Ajax Click & Script scripts to another web protocol such as TruClient-Web or Web-HTTP/HTML.

For details, see Web Vuser Functions (WEB) and TruClient protocols in the VuGen Help Center (select the relevant version).

Click one of the following functions for more information:

Function Name
Emulates a user extending or collapsing a menu.
Selects an item from a list based on text entered in a field.
Emulates a user collapsing or expanding sections on a web page.
Emulates a user setting a value of a rating control.
Emulates a user reordering elements in a list.
Emulates setting a value using a slider control.
Emulates use of folder-style tabs in Atlas applications.