Input-Output Functions

Input Output functions allow you to read and write to files. Most of these functions begin with an f prefix. Expand the category to view a list of the available functions.

Click one of the following functions for more information:

Function Name
Closes a file.
Checks if the end of file has occurred on a stream.
Checks if any error has occurred during file I/0.
Gets a character from a stream.
Reads a string from a file.
Opens a file for buffered I/0.
Writes formatted output to a file.
Writes a character to a stream.
Reads unformatted data from a stream into a buffer.
Reads formatted input from a stream.
Sets the current position in a file to a new location.
Write unformatted data from a buffer to a stream.
Rewinds a file.
Writes formatted output to a string.
Reads formatted input from a string.