Example: fputc

The following example opens a log file and writes the id number and group name of the Virtual User to it using fputc.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #ifdef unix
        char * filename = "/tmp/logfile.txt";
        char * filename = "c:\\logfile.txt";
    FILE* file;
    char * p, str[] = "this is the first line of the log file";
    int c;
    // Create a new file 
    if ((file = fopen(filename, "w+" )) == NULL) {
          lr_output_message ("Unable to create %s", filename);
          return -1;
// Print string to the log file 
// p points to the first character in str 
     p = str; 
// Use -1 or EOF 
     while ((*p != NULL) && fputc(*(p++), file) != -1); 
Example: Written to log file:
this is the first line of the log file