Example: lr_get_trans_instance_think_time

In the following example, the lr_get_trans_instance_think_time function gets the think time of a transaction instance, and sends it to the Output window.

long child_handle;
double trans_time; 
int rc; 
/* Start the main transaction instance. Passing 0 as the parent handle indicates that the 
    transaction has no parent. The function return value is the handle used in other 
    transaction instance functions. */ 
    child_handle = lr_start_transaction_instance("ParentTransaction",0); 
    /*Perform the business process, represented here with a single web_url call. */ 
    web_url("web_url", "URL=http://www.ABC.com",LAST ); 
// Get the transaction instance time.
    trans_time = lr_get_trans_instance_think_time(child_handle); 
    ("Instance think time is %lf seconds.", trans_time);