Exits from the script, action, or iteration.

C Language

void lr_exit (int continuation_option, int exit_status);
Example: lr_exitRuntime Functions

Java Language

void lr.exit (int continuation_option, int exit_status);
Example: lr.exitRuntime FunctionsJava Syntax


continuation_option The Script Continuation Options specifies how the script continues after the call to lr_exit
exit_status The Script Exit Status of the scenario group as a result of calling lr_exit

The lr_exit function allows you to exit from the script run during execution.

A transaction in which lr_exit is called does not appear in LoadRunner Controller in the Transaction Status box. It is ignored in the count of passed and failed transactions.

If lr_exit is called several times in the same script, whether in different actions or different iterations, it is the exit status of the last call that determines the status of the Vuser group running the script. The Controller Scenario Groups Status box displays the status. It is the column in which the group appears after the run stops.

lr_exit(LR_EXIT_VUSER, LR_ABORT); is equal to lr_abort

Return Values

No value is returned.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.