Returns a string type value of an argument passed to the script run.

C Language

char *lr_get_attrib_string( char *argument_name );
Example: lr_get_attrib_stringCommand Line Parsing Functions

Java Language

String lr.get_attrib_string( String argument_name  );
Example: lr.get_attrib_stringCommand Line Parsing FunctionsJava Syntax


argument_name The name of a script invocation argument.

The lr_get_attrib_string function returns the value of an argument that was passed to the run of the script. For example, lr_get_attrib_string("ipv6") returns the IPv6 address of the current Vuser.

To view the arguments passed to a script run, see mdrv_cmd.txt in the script folder.

Return Values

The function returns the value of the argument as a string. If the argument is empty (for example a flag), an empty string is returned. If the argument does not exist, NULL is returned.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.