Returns the current status of a transaction instance.

C Language

int lr_get_trans_instance_status( long transaction_handle ) ;
Example: lr_get_trans_instance_statusTransaction Functions


transaction_handle The name of the transaction.

lr_get_trans_instance_status returns the current status of a transaction instance. lr_get_trans_instance_status cannot be invoked after lr_end_transaction_instance. It cannot report the final transaction instance status.

The transaction_handle is the handle returned by the call to lr_start_transaction_instance that created the instance.

This function can be useful when a transaction instance, which is made up of a number of steps, can fail at various points of its execution. By checking the status and terminating the Vuser, you can prevent unnecessary activity.

Return Values

Returns the transaction instance status or a negative number on error. See Transaction Status


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.