Writes formatted output to a parameter.

C Language

int lr_param_sprintf( const char *paramName, const char * format [,args... ] );
Example: lr_param_sprintfParameter Functions


paramName The target parameter to which the string is written.
format One or more formatting characters.
args Optional print arguments.

lr_param_sprintf functions like the standard C function sprintf except that the formatted string is written to a parameter instead of a string buffer.

These formatting characters are not supported: %E, %hd, %hhd, %lld, %ld, %hhi, %lli, %hhu , %llu, %hhf , %llf, %hhe, and %lle.

Return Values

This function returns 0 on success and a non-zero value for failure.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.