Creates a rendezvous point in the Vuser script.

C Language

int lr_rendezvous( char *rendezvous_name );
Example: lr_rendezvousRuntime Functions

Java Language

int lr.rendezvous( String rendezvous_name ); 
Example: lr.rendezvousRuntime FunctionsJava Syntax


rendezvous_name The name of the rendezvous.

The lr_rendezvous function creates a rendezvous point in a Vuser script. When this statement is executed, the Vuser program stops and waits for permission to continue.

This function can only be used in an action section, and not in vuser_init or vuser_end.

The difference between lr_rendezvous and lr_rendezvous_ex is that lr_rendezvous always returns zero.

Return Values

This function always returns zero.


You cannot use standard parameterization for any arguments in this function.