Records a user-defined data sample and correlates it to a transaction instance.

C Language

long lr_user_data_point_instance( char *sample_name, double value, long transaction_handle );
Example: lr_user_data_point_instanceInformational Functions


sample_name A string indicating the name of the sample type.
value The value to record.
parent_handle A transaction instance identifier with which to associate the data_point.

The lr_user_data_point_instance function is similar to lr_user_data_point except that lr_user_data_point_instance has a transaction_handle parameter. This parameter allows you to associate a data point with a specific transaction instance.

This function is intended for use with applications integrated with LoadRunner Professional that use transaction instances.

For details on transaction instances, see lr_start_transaction_instance.

Return Values

This function returns 0 if it succeeds, and -1 if it fails to write the sampled data.


All string arguments (char type) can be parameterized using standard parameterization.