Retrieves the style and the extended style of the specified window.

int ctrx_get_window_style_by_id(long window_id, long* style, long* extStyle);


A unique window ID, returned by a function such as ctrx_get_window_id_by_order.

styleOutput parameter containing the window style.
extStyleOutput parameter containing the extended window style.

Return Values

If the function finds the specified window, it returns E_OK. Otherwise, it returns E_GENERAL_ERROR or E_DISCONNECTED.


Parameterization is not available for this function.


In the following example, the ctrx_get_window_id_by_order function searches for the topmost window in the stack (in position 0). It returns the numeric identifier of the window. The ctrx_get_window_style_by_id function uses the numeric identifier to search for the window, and retrieves its style and extended style. The lr_log_message function prints the style and extended style to the log.

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ctrx_get_window_style_by_id(ctrx_get_window_id_by_order(0), &style, &extStyle);
lr_log_message("style: %d, extended: %d", style, extStyle);